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geek love <3

There are several items on Etsy that make my inner geek squee with joy!

A blue/orange night light in a jar:

Adorable microchip earrings:

This Rainbow Brite-esque suncatcher:

A blue light flashy thingy in a LEGO *muffled squee* :

A WoW Horde decal:

An NES controller made of SOAP!!!!

A meteorite ring:

Gnome lawn ornament:

These are all items taken from my favorite's list. I want them ALL!

Featuring the wonderful JamieRaeDesigns

Time to feature a very talented (and new!) Etsy artist.
Show some love, check out her beautiful shop, and tell your friends!

Buy Handmade


The talented Jamie of JamieRaeDesigns has always been a crafter. She enjoys making jewelry that she would wear herself and through etsy, she is happy to share her pieces with the world. Beautiful beaded and wire jewelry along with a few vintage items adorn her etsy shop.

Jamie is currently attending Appalachian State University to pursue a degree in business management.

Joined Etsy on Jan 18, 2009



Champagne-colored crochet scarf


I'm quite proud of this scarf. I've actually considered keeping it, but it's a color that (I think) doesn't suit me well.
It's sooo soft and silky, too - I wish I had a blanket made out of it! hehe!

I've been really, really lacking in the journaling/tweeting/listing aspect of etsy lately. I just haven't felt like doing much of anything! Hopefully I start feeling more creative soon!

*smallish update*
I plan to start featuring an etsy seller once in a while. I know I don't have a whole lot of followers here, but hey, it will be nice to promote someone newer than I am!
(maybe I'll even drag my blogspot into it, hehe!)

Info about new CPSIA law

Save Handmade! BuyHandmade.org

Etsy Storque article:

BuyHandmade Blog article:

Information about the new law at the CPSIA web page:

How you can help:
Sign the petition!
The text at the top is a perfect way to start a letter addressing your congresspeople, local TV/radio/newspapers, governor, whomever. Get the word out that this is NOT OK, we WILL NOT go down without a fight.

My thoughts (signature #15995) :
It is shameful to hurt the small businesses when they ARE the ones creating the safe alternative. So many wonderful business owners will have to close up shop because of this law that was poorly thought out.
In addition to helping out the small businesses, I would like to see some compensation. These small business owners have had to live in uncertain times with this law looming ahead. So many of them have already closed their businesses, sold off their supplies, held super-clearance sales to get rid of inventory, and have stopped putting merchandise on their shelves.
Think of all the harm caused in just the past few months. Think of all the fear. It is a disgrace.

New stuff!

My most recent Etsy endeavor? Plush animals!

It all started about a week ago when I wanted a cute plush penguin but wasn't able to find something that I liked or could afford. After getting pretty annoyed and angry, I decided to go ahead and make my own - how hard could it be??

Pictures behind the cut...Collapse )

URL magnet how-to

Approaching my first craft show, I realize I need some sort of "freebie" to give to customers instead of the regular ol' business card. I've been wanting magnets with some business information on them for a while now but have been too short on cash to get some nice ones made. Here's a simple solution: my URL magnets!

What you'll need:
A self adhesive magnet roll, scissors, your URL printed and cut into 1 inch wide strips. Colored pencils/markers are optional.

If you'd like your URLs to be colored, this is when you should color them so you can avoid coloring over the tiny creases that might occur.

First what you'll need to do is cut away a strip of the protective paper on the magnetic strip measuring about the length of your URL strip.

Now, stick your piece of paper onto the sticky side of the magnetic strip. It should look like this:

Next we cut off your magnetic URL from the roll:

After you've done that, cut your magnetic strip in half giving you 2 magnetic URLs!

The finished magnets!

Now your customers can stick this magnet with your URL onto their fridge to remind them of your business!


I had a wonderful little package waiting for me when I went home today - tea!

I ordered a 25 package sample of vanilla tea from the Teaman on etsy and it is simply amazing! I'm really not much of a tea drinker - but I'm already on my second cup of tea today, hehe.
I'm now a total vanilla tea addict :)

Anyway, if any of you are searching for a faaaabulous cup of tea, look no further! Teaman on esty has it! Here's his shoplink:

Treat yourself to a wonderful hand-blended cup of gourmet tea <3

busy as a bee

That Halloween festival where I will be vendoring is getting nearer and nearer!

*I've got tons of business cards printed out and ready to be cut.
*I plan to print out a email newsletter signup form.
*Need to think of display options for jewelry & pads.
Somebody suggested putting earrings on a small wire garbage bin (upside down!)
Still not too sure about necklaces and bracelets...
Must find a good way to display pads - don't want every single one being manhandled!
*MUST find a table!
Card table?
Look at secondhand stores!
Sawhorses and plywood last resort (I guess)
*MUST find a pretty tablecloth (I want purple!)
*Must sew like a madwoman - I have a week!!!!!!

I'm kind of in the process of making a baby blanket for my best friends baby girl-to-be. The front fabric is this lovely vintage-type fabric I found at a second hand store in my area which will match her Care Bear theme wonderfully! Not a Care Bear fabric, but I think it would go so well with it!
I plan to use pastel pink fleece on the back.

Another thing, I would like to embroider the baby's name in a corner on the back once they figure out a name! I'm just unsure which color I should use...
...perhaps pictures and a poll soon?


Weekend after next is Halloween!

I do not usually dress up for the occasion, but for this year I will be at a festival where I might feel out of place if I don't!
Since I am broke, broke, broke this year, I plan to go as a black cat. I've got it pretty well planned out - since it'll be cold: black thermal top + black sweater, black pants or skirt, my cuuuute black shoes and socks, totally going to make myself a tail and ears :)
...and I will totally have to take a picture!

So, readers, who are you going to be this Halloween? If you're not dressing up but your little ones are, what are they going as?

Writer's Block: Unnecessary Objects

Oscar Wilde, a dandy’s dandy, once said that “we live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities.” What unnecessary possession can you not live without?

If I were to answer this honestly, basically the ONLY necessities I have are food, some sort of shelter (or I'd die with how cold it gets here!) and air. Beyond that, really, everything is considered unnecessary.

However, things I use every day that are "necessities" to me that are technically "unnecessary" would include (but are not limited to!) the following: Music, alllllll my books, computer with internet and computer games, my sewing machine and supplies, jewelry, the telephone, clocks, "nice" clothes...

Just a note, I am listening to "Wonderful" by Andy Hunter on Pandora.com and I am hooked. This happens to be on my "Since I Left You" by The Avalanches station, I usually love all the music :)

Something funny to leave you with:
some days

PS: I hear some sort of banging in this building and it is driving me NUTS!